Indivisible NKY District 4 is making the following statement in response to the demonstrations and violence by white supremacists in Charlottesville, VA.

Our nation’s leader has refused to call out this latest act as domestic terrorism. This is not surprising as the current administration has deliberately encouraged hatred against people of color, women, Muslims, Jewish people, and the LGBT community. In suggesting that “both sides” must come together, our President is endorsing the idea that hatred is a valid ideology that must be accommodated as a part of normal political discourse. His vague and weak statements are expected given his appointment of known supporters of the toxic white supremacist beliefs, such as Seb Gorka and Steve Bannon. While an amended statement has been made on behalf of the President, he has not spoken out personally. Additionally, Tom Brossert, Homeland Security Advisor, defended our President’s decision not to condemn white supremacists and stated “both sides were looking for trouble.”

We call on our elected leaders in Kentucky to take the following actions:

  • Demand the removal of supporters of white supremacy from the White House.
  • Declare the action of the driver of the car as one of domestic terrorism.
  • Repudiate the idea that white supremacy has any validity and emphasize that there is no room for accommodation of these ideas in any form in our nation.